Webinar on December 4!

Upcoming Webinar!

Facilitated leadership and family engagement: Learning with and from families

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

3:00–4:00 PM EST

on Tuesday, December 4th with Debbie LeeKeenan and Iris Chin Ponte, as they discuss a critical topic from their recent publication, .


Being an early childhood program leader is more challenging than it’s ever been. Among the many responsibilities center directors have on their plate is forging robust home–school partnerships. Debbie and Iris will explore why engaging families in their children’s education through facilitated leadership is critical to the success of each child and the program as well as practical tips for how to welcome and involve all families.


The webinar will be recorded and resources/tool-kits will be archived online.

About the Presenters

Debbie LeeKeenan

Debbie is an early childhood consultant, lecturer, and author. She holds a master’s degree in education from the University of New Mexico. Her areas of expertise include anti-bias education, teacher preparation, inclusive special education, family engagement, leadership development, professional learning communities and public school partnerships.

Iris Chin Ponte, PhD

Iris is director and classroom teacher at the Henry Frost Children’s Program in Belmont, MA. She also currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at Lesley University’s Graduate School of Education. Iris previously worked for Sesame Street Research at the Children’s Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop) in New York among many other media and research institutions.

More About the Book


LeeKeenan and Ponte remind early childhood education leaders that we have the best job in the world! We are engineers, conductors, participants in play. We can ignite imaginations one minute, then wipe children’s tears and guide the growth of teachers in the next. The authors examine true-to-life program scenarios in concrete, intentional ways and provide tips and ideas that are helpful for all directors.


–Johanna Booth-Miner, Director and Owner, Live & Learn Early Learning Center


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