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When Conducting Your Own Professional Development Workshop:
The entire film has closed captions in English and Spanish, which can be turned on by clicking on the CC button to the bottom right of the screen. We will soon have Chinese. (Refresh the film page to make sure you get any new updates.) Closed captions work best if participants are streaming the film on their own computers.

  • This film is available, free, to screen in its entirety, or in part, to any size audience for professional development workshops.

  • Please include the film credits in your screening.

  • If you charge for the workshop, acknowledge you received free access to the film.

  • To further the conversation, use the guidebook, which provides additional background information as well as provocation and reflection questions for each section of the film.

  • If you are streaming the film over the internet on ZOOM “share screen”, the quality of the screening will always be affected by your internet speed and the internet of each viewer. We suggest reducing the number of devices using the internet at your place and even switching your phone to 4G service. Closing tabs on your browser will also help. If you still experience problems on your end, one solution is to stop the film, copy and paste the URL for the film into the “chat”, and ask participants to turn off their ZOOM audio and video, and stream the film directly from their own computers. They then return to the ZOOM meeting in 48 minutes.

Please complete the form below if requesting a Workshop/Screening by Debbie, John and/or the Teachers:

    Do you want a facilitated workshop with the film

    Do you want the workshop virtual or in-person